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Entertaining lessons about dangerous electricity - power engineers went to schools


In May, Lipetskenergo conducted electrical safety lessons in 30 schools in the region.

"Goose step" from Lipetskenergo became a hit among schoolchildren on the eve of summer holidays. Power engineers conducted a series of lessons on electrical safety. Safety specialists showed the children how to leave the zone of step voltage in the event that it was next to a torn wire. The employees of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division spoke at several schools of the regional centre and in educational institutions of all 18 districts of the Lipetsk region. They reminded the children of the danger of penetration into the territory of power facilities and electrical safety in everyday life, repeated the main warning signs. On specific tragic examples the power engineers told the schoolchildren about what taking a selfie or doing parkour in a substation can end. The children were warned by the Fixies from a funny cartoon about the danger of fishing and recreation in the guard zone of power transmission lines.

Conducting electrical safety lessons is part of the program implemented by the Lipetsk power engineers to reduce risks of injuries of unauthorized persons at facilities of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division. During the summer, the power engineers of the grid company organize similar lessons for children who have a rest in children’s summer health and sports camps.

"Prevention of children’s electric injuries is a common task for all adults. To prevent trouble, do not forget to remind children once again about the danger of electric current and the need to observe electrical safety rules. Be attentive to how they spend their free time. Do not pass by children playing next to electrical installations, stop them," stressed Maxim Yashin, the head of the industrial safety and production control department of Lipetskenergo.

In addition, both schoolchildren and teachers now know the phone number, which should be called when a broken wire is detected. Free hotline of power engineers: 8 800 50 50 115.

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