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Best specialists in repair and maintenance of 35-110 kV power lines in the Smolensk region work in the eastern section


17-18 May 2018, at the training centre "Lubnya" in the city of Smolensk there were competitions of professional skills of crews for repair and maintenance of 35-110 kV power lines of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division.

The competitions consisted of 7 stages. At the first stage, all crew members individually passed the knowledge test with the software package. During the second phase, the teams were to inspect the 110 kV line using photographic materials.

At the third stage, it was necessary to demonstrate the order and correctness of actions when releasing the injured (dummy) from the action of electric current from the traverse of the metal pole of the 110 kV overhead line and carrying out resuscitation.

The fourth stage revealed the best in replacement of a defective insulator. During the fifth stage, the teams competed in the ability to connect the anchor loop (cable) of the wire to the pole of the 110 kV overhead line using a spiral clamp.

At the penultimate stage, each team had to measure the grounding resistance of the 110 kV overhead line pole, and at the final stage of the competitions - to eliminate the fire in the guard zone of the high-voltage overhead line when the wire fell to the ground.

The best crews were identified in the stubborn struggle among them. The winner in the competitions was the team of the eastern section of the line service consisting of the master Alexander Latyshev, electricians Andrey Ruchkin, Semyon Dyachkovsky and Albert Sulaev. The second place was taken by the crew of the southern section of the service: the master Vitaly Petrov, electricians Andrey Putyatin, Alexey Marchenkov and Eduard Sagan. Bronze winners were representatives of the western section of the service - the master Yury Scheglov, electricians - Alexander Graschenkov, Dmitry Korotchenkov and Evgeny Smirnov.

According to the results of the questioning of the referee commission, the best in the profession were determined by the majority of votes. They were Alexander Latyshev ("the best master") and Andrey Putyatin ("the best electrician"). Also, additional nominations were provided, according to which it was determined that the youngest participant - the electrician Evgeny Smirnov - works in the team of the western section of the service, and the most experienced participant - the electrician Mikhail Mironov - is in the central section of the service.

Such competitions are an effective form of personnel training to ensure safe, reliable and economical operation of power equipment. It is here that the participants of the competitions have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from other districts, to share the best practices.

The winners will go to represent the Smolensk region in July to compete in the Republic of Mari El.

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