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Kurskenergo’s specialists struggle with theft of equipment from energy facilities


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division conducts systematic work to prevent theft from power grid facilities of power equipment and its components.

One of the most effective measures are raids, during which specialists of the security department of the branch inspect electric grid facilities, check scrap collection points. Active preventive work yields a result, however, it is not yet possible to completely eliminate cases of theft. Until now, there are unscrupulous citizens who, for the sake of profit, are ready to jeopardize the reliability of electricity supply to bona fide consumers, and often even entire settlements.

Since the beginning of 2018, Kurskenergo’s specialists have identified three facts of theft from the branch’s facilities, the amount of damage amounted to 123.5 thousand rubles. The first case was revealed in January: during a routine check in the village of Sverdlovskiy of Belovsky district, power engineers discovered a theft from an overhead line of 750 metres of wire. Law enforcement officers in hot pursuit detained two suspects of embezzlement. The damage inflicted on the branch in the amount of 26 thousand rubles by offenders was repaid voluntarily. In addition, by a court decision, each of them was fined 10 thousand rubles.

In Rylsky district, a violator stole 242 metres of self-supporting insulated wire (SIW-2), the amount of damage was 59.5 thousand rubles. A criminal case was opened on the fact of theft. The perpetrator was identified, the justice court ordered him to be punished in the form of 200 hours of compulsory work with compensation for material damage to Kurskenergo.

On 10 May, employees of the branch found a theft from a 10 kV overhead line of more than 3 kilometres of aluminum wire in the amount of 38 thousand rubles in Timsky district. At present, the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of Timsky district is carrying out operational-investigative actions.

The power company reminds that the legislation provides for a strict punishment for thieves of electrical equipment. In case of detection of theft, the violator not only compensates the damage to the power grid company, but is also brought to criminal or administrative responsibility with payment of a fine.

Specialists of Kurskenergo appeal to residents of the Kursk region with a request to report all attempts of theft and sale of illegally purchased power equipment by calling the hot line at 8-800-50-50-115, in Distribution Zones, as well as in law enforcement agencies.

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