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Lipetskenergo’s specialists held Open Doors Day for students


The meeting took place in the executive office of the Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre.

During the event, power engineers told the students about the main activities of the branch, its priorities and values, focusing on the advantages of working in a large electric grid company. And they also conducted an excursion in the museum "Lipetskenergo". Here they were presented with documents, photographs and exhibits relating to different periods of the company’s development, from the first steps of electrifying the region to large-scale construction projects and sectoral reforms.

A separate item of the program was a tour to the Grid Control Centre (GCC) of "Lipetskenergo", which carries out operational and technological management of Lipetskenergo’s grid of 35-110 kV. The students were told how the work of such a complex mechanism is built as an energy system of the whole region, demonstrating the technical capabilities of modern equipment that has no analogues in the region. And also about professional competences of power engineers and about qualities of character necessary to fulfill responsible tasks to ensure high-quality and reliable energy supply to consumers.

Currently, such career guidance actions are systemic, they are aimed at attracting the interest of young people to the electric power industry, pass for students of higher and secondary special educational institutions, as well as high schoolers in all 18 Distribution Zones of Lipetskenergo.

"The more such meetings, the better. Higher education gives theoretical knowledge, but work requires practice. For me, the tour was very useful and important, because I was able to see in detail the work of operators of the GCC", shared his impressions a student of the 4th year of the faculty of automation and computer science Artem Yakovlev.

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