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Smolenskenergo’s power engineers completed first responding and restoration work in the centre of Smolensk


Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo completed first responding and restoration work in the centre of Smolensk. About 20 specialists from Smolenskenergo were engaged in the first responding and restoration work with use of 7 specialized vehicles. Despite the difficult access to the location of the damage to the cable lines and their location near a gas pipeline and other communications, thanks to prompt and coordinated actions of specialists Smolensk City Distribution Zone of Smolenskenergo, as early as 3:30 pm the consequences of the failure were eliminated and the power was supplied to all 9 houses with the ordinary circuit. It should be noted that in the homes of most consumers electricity was resupplied for two hours, immediately after the failure, with the help of backup sources of electricity. Restoration of power supply of house №38 on October Revolution Street and houses № 31а, №29а on Kirov Street was delayed because of a malfunction of equipment in the electrical installation of the housing administration, which Smolenskenergo’s power engineers had no right to eliminate by their own forces, since the equipment is on the balance of another organization.

As previously reported, late in the evening on 20 December 2017, due to serious damage to two 6 kV cable lines near Kirov Street, October Revolution Street, and 2 Krasninsky Lane, electricity was cut off in 9 multi-apartment residential buildings. The power engineers quickly started work on the restoration of electricity supply.

Smolenskenergo reminds that to inform about malfunction in electricity networks and get detailed information, residents of the region can always call the round-the-clock and toll-free hotline at 8 800-50-50-115 (short number 13-50 for fixed telephones), and also by phone +7 915 -38-000-38 in Telegram and Viber. Only specialists of the company can provide reliable and timely information about the course of emergency recovery work.

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