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Belgorodenergo awarded winners of the contest "Energy and Man"


Honoured awards were given to pupils of the region’s schools, who presented the best research projects on energy.

This year, more than 60 young researchers from the age of 6 to 17 from 17 districts of the region took part in the contest, established by IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division with the support of the Education Department of the region and the basic university BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov. In their design and theoretical works, the children tried to answer topical issues of the industry development. The focus is on energy-saving lighting, alternative energy sources, electrical safety basics, electric transport of the future and other areas for the promising development of science and technology. The participants passed school, municipal and regional selection. Based on the results of open project protection, more than 30 people became winners and prize-winners, who managed to convince the jury of the relevance of the topic they chose and the depth of its elaboration.

Sergey Demidov, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division director, noted the growing interest in the contest among pupils, who are interested in the exact sciences: "Many already in high school know what they will do in life and devote a maximum of time and energy to it. We notice such children and are ready to support those, who strive to connect their life with energy," stressed Sergey Demidov. "The industry needs competent and enterprising specialists. As for the projects, the overall level this year is quite high. Under skillful guidance of teachers, worthy, deserving attention works are born. The main thing is that all of them are aimed at resolving specific issues of social welfare, development of the economy and social sphere."

The children were also congratulated by Elena Khomenko, the head of the section for development of priority areas of the regional education system of the Education Department of the Belgorod region, and Director of the Institute of Energy, Information Technologies and Control Systems of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhova Alexander Belousov.

In the younger age group, two works were the best: "Influence of the flickering of the light flux of electric lamps on human health, presented by pupils of grade 3 of Stary Oskol secondary school No. 27 with in-depth study of individual subjects Evgeny Bolotsky, Yana Igumnova and Diana Ispravnikova, and "Renewable energy sources: energy biomass" of a pupil of grade 4 of Gymnasium No. 3 of the city of Belgorod Timofey Vorontsov. The following recognized prizewinners are: a pupil of Gubkin school No. 1 with in-depth study of individual subjects Polina Bobrysheva (2nd place), a pupil of Belgorod secondary school No. 3 Arseniy Pogoreltsev (2nd place), a pupil of Stary Oskol grammar school No. 18 Alexey Dyagilev (2nd place), pupils of Alekseevka school No. 3 with in-depth study of individual subjects Olga Ilyenko (3rd place) and Andrey Shinkorenko (3rd place), pupils of Stary Oskol Educational Complex "Lyceum No.3" and the Centre for Further Education "Giftedness" Ivan Ankudinov, Daria Yurina, Matvey Razinkin (3rd place).

In the middle age category, according to the number of points scored, a project of seventh graders from the Novenskoye secondary school of Ivnyansky district Yaroslav Furmanov, Valeria Grigoryeva and Marina Dmitrieva "Use of kinetic energy of the oncoming airflow arising from the movement of an electric vehicle to charge its battery" was in the leaders. In the nomination "Theoretical work" projects of a pupil of grade 5 of Razumnoye secondary school No. 2 Egor Merzlikin "Study of the light mode of school rooms" and a 7th grader of the 45th school of the city of Belgorod Kirill Trubaev "Study of dependence of power of a wind generator against the wind speed" took the first place. Prizewinners were pupils of Chernyanka school No. 2 Diana Syrbu and Alina Nekrasova (2nd place), pupils of Stary Oskol secondary polytechnic school No. 33 Gleb Kulaev and Nazar Eremeev (2nd place), pupils of the Ilek-Koshar school of Rakityansky district Alexander Drobotov and Victoria Kaidakova (3rd place), a pupil of the Zasosensky secondary school named after Hero of the Soviet Union N.L. Yatsenko Dmitry Titov (3rd place), pupils of Belgorod school No. 11 Darya Aleinikova and Viktor Demyanov (3rd place).

Among pupils of grades 9-11 an 11-grader from school No. 16 of the city of Gubkin Vladislav Zemlyakov with a stand for study of electrical safety rules and a ninth-grader of the Veselovskaya school named after Hero of Socialist Labour Y.T. Kirilikhin Maria Sytenko were distinguished. The prizewinners were: a pupil of the Soldatsky school of Rakityansky district Kirill Belyaev (2nd place), a pupil of school No. 1 with in-depth study of individual subjects in the village of Dobroye of Shebekinsky district Vadim Gavrilov (2nd place), a pupil of the Berezovsky secondary school named after S.N. Klimov Regiona Vinnik (3rd place).

Please, be reminded that the annual children’s contest "Energy and Man" has been held in the region since 2015. It is aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of schoolchildren in electrical safety, the efficient use of energy, the search for innovative solutions in the energy sector, the promotion of gifted children. Since this year, the contest "Energy and Man" is the official partner of the All-Russian competition of scientific and technological projects (regional stage) and gives an opportunity to participate in the final stage of the contest in 2017-2018 without preliminary selection. In addition, the finalists can earn additional points for enrolling in the Institute of Energy, Information Technology and Control Systems of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, and the authors of the best projects - to receive an invitation to the educational centre "Sirius".

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