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Smolenskenergo spent 45 million rubles on safety measures for 10 months


Issues of prevention and reduction of occupational injuries, occupational safety, health and life of personnel are priority tasks for IDGC of Center - Smolenskenergo division. 45 million rubles were spent to implement safety measures for 10 months of 2017, which is 4 million rubles more compared to the same period last year.

Priority directions in the field of occupational safety are measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, improve working conditions of personnel, purchase personal protective equipment, tools and devices. Work is under way to provide staff with modern means of protection.

In 2017, 455 workplaces of the branch passed a special assessment of working conditions in accordance with the current legislation. The working conditions of employees of the branch are estimated, measures are developed to improve the conditions in the workplace, where harmful production factors are identified.

Important areas in the field of safety at Smolenskenergo also include training of employees in safe methods and techniques of performing work, raising the level of knowledge in the field of labour protection and testing knowledge of personnel. First of all, knowledge of the safety rules in operation of electrical installations, the rules of technical operation and the firefighting procedure are checked, and the skills of first aid in case of accidents at work are also tested. 140 managers and specialists of the branch passed the knowledge test in the central commission of the branch, more than 900 employees in commissions of subdivisions.

The branch cares not only about the safety of its own employees, but also performs work to reduce risks of injuries to third parties at Smolenskenergo’s facilities. In accordance with the program to reduce risks of injury to third parties, a set of measures is implemented to bring the technical condition of electrical installations in line with the requirements for safe operation. To inform the public at all power facilities of the branch signs and posters warning of the danger of electric shock are placed.

Particular attention is paid to advocacy among various groups of the population. There are conversations of specialists of the branch in children’s health camps and electrical safety lessons are conducted in schools of the Smolensk region. Throughout the school year, Smolensk power engineers visit the schools of the region, where together with teachers conduct special classes on electrical safety, as well as extra-curricular activities. Smolenskenergo’s power engineers will continue to conduct consistent and systematic work to prevent electric injuries among residents of the region.

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