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Kurskenergo’s employees continue work on blocking sites of advertising and selling "modified meters"


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division does regular work to prevent the use of "modified" meters by unscrupulous consumers.

The security department of the branch regularly monitors the Internet for the purpose of identifying and terminating the activities of Internet resources that advertise and sell modified meters that can distort actual indicators of electricity consumed.

The most effective way to counteract such sites is to block them in accordance with Article 15.1 of Federal Law of 27.07.2006 N 149-FZ "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection". The basis for inclusion of a site in the Unified Register of Domain Names is, inter alia, the court decision that entered into force on the recognition of information prohibited for distribution.

During this year, the Kursk Region Prosecutor’s Office received three applications to restrict the access (blocking) of 45 pages on the Internet, where advertising information is provided on methods of stealing electricity and reducing readings of meters. Based on these applications, the prosecutor of the city of Kursk carried out a set of measures to ban sites that advertise and sell "modified meters". Currently, most of the resources listed in the applications are not available, including part of them was blocked by the decision of the Leninsky District Court of the city of Kursk.

Kurskenergo’s employees remind that unauthorized (non-metered, non-contractual) use of electric power entails both administrative in accordance with Article 7.19. of the Code on administrative violations "Unauthorized connection and use of electrical, thermal energy, oil, gas", and criminal liability in accordance with Article 165 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Infliction of property damage by deception or abuse of trust"). It is necessary to inform Distribution Zones of the branch about cases of unauthorized connection to the grid, or by calling the 24-hour toll-free direct line of power engineers at 8 800 50 50 115 (free of charge).

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