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Kurskenergo continues career guidance work among schoolchildren


Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division continue their career guidance work among schoolchildren. One of its important components are Open Doors Days, organized by the power engineers at facilities of the branch. Another such event was held in Manturovsky Distribution Zone, its participants were the tenth graders of the Manturovsky and Krivetsky schools.

The tour began with a visit to the control centre. The chief engineer of the Distribution Zone Vladimir Tretyakov demonstrated the work of the dispatching board to schoolchildren, talked about modern technologies for managing the power grid complex and personnel working conditions. In addition, the schoolers were introduced to the history of the Kursk region power system development, told how the substation and the first power transmission lines were constructed in Manturovsky district.

The tour to the "Luch" substation continued where the senior high schoolers were shown the equipment used in the work, told about the rules of behaviour near power facilities: why it is inadmissible to approach broken wires and transformer substations, equip recreation facilities and light the fire in the immediate vicinity of power lines and introduced them to warning signs placed on the electrical equipment.

At the end of the event, the schoolers noted that the meeting was interesting and useful. They thanked the power engineers for a cognitive excursion into the world of the energy profession.

Until the end of the year, within the framework of the Open Doors Days, Kurskenergo’s specialists plan to conduct 12 more tours to the branch’s facilities for schoolchildren.

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