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Smolenskenergo’s mobile inspection control group fights against theft of electricity


At the end of June 2017, as part of the implementation of a set of measures to reduce electricity losses in grids, IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division created a mobile inspection control group (MICG) from staff of the security department and the department for operation and development of metering systems of the branch. The mobile group works on a planned basis to identify facts of non-metered and non-contractual use of electricity by consumers.

As a result of the work of the group, 21 raids were conducted in the period until 15 November, 21 facts of illegal consumption in excess of 4.6 million rubles were identified. Members of the mobile group have specialized equipment that can identify any means of stealing electricity. Based on the results of the inspections conducted by the MICG, 6 individuals have already been brought to administrative responsibility.

Monthly as a result of the MICG’s work, vivid examples of illegal use of electricity are revealed. For example, in the summer the mobile group conducted a raid in Ugransky district of the region, during which it revealed and documented the violation of the antimagnetic seal on a meter in an apartment building. An act on non-metered consumption of electricity was compiled, the total volume of which was 5,220 kWh in the amount of 13.2 thousand rubles. The offender was brought to administrative responsibility under Article 7.19 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. In August 2017, specialists of the mobile group together with specialists from Smolensk City Distribution Zone discovered and documented the theft of electricity at a large enterprise in Smolensk. In the course of the inspection conducted in the presence of the director and power engineer of the enterprise, they revealed signs of unauthorized opening of two metering devices - violation of the integrity of the manufacturer’s stickers on the cases. The commission compiled 2 acts of non-metered electricity consumption, the volume of which was 530,124 MWh in the amount of 3,467 million rubles.

In September, during the raid check in Velizhsky district, due to efforts of the mobile group’s specialists, the fact of breaking seals, breaking the antimagnetic seal, as well as a number of signs indirectly evidencing the "modification" of the meter used by the legal entity, was revealed and documented. As a result, an act was drawn up on the non-metered consumption of 47.4 MWh of electricity for a total of 332.7 thousand rubles. To establish the fact of non-metered consumption of electric energy in agreement with the consumer, it was decided to carry out an examination of the meter at the manufacturing plant, for which the packing and sealing of the dismantled meter was commissioned for the subsequent direction for the check with the manufacturer. Examination results are currently being expected.

Power engineers remind that punishment for energy theft is inevitable. Moreover, in case of detection of theft of electricity, the violator not only compensates the damage to the power grid company, but is also brought to criminal or administrative responsibility with payment of a fine. In addition, since 1 January 2016, in Russia, administrative responsibility for unauthorized connection to grids and use of electric power, as well as violation of the rules for using electricity, rules of installation, operation of power plants have been tightened up.

The grid company and consumers suffer from the criminal actions of power thieves, because as a result of the theft of energy resources there are voltage fluctuations in the grid, household appliances of neighbours are out of order, probability of power outages and fires increases.

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