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Smolenskenergo sums up the results of the project "Green Distribution Zone"


During the implementation of the program of IDGC of Centre "Green Distribution Zone", which started in April 2017, more than 3 thousand employees of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division took part in various events.

Within the framework of the program, ten clean-up events were held by Smolenskenergo’s employees, territories of bases of Distribution Zones were landscaped, about 200 seedlings were planted. On the eve of the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory, Smolenskenergo’s power engineers also put in order more than a dozen memorials of the Great Patriotic War. Several actions were initiated by employees of Distribution Zones. For example, on the International Bird Day, employees at the Kholm-Zhirkovsky Distribution Zone made and installed birdhouses on the territory of the forest in their district after the extension of the ROW of 10kV overhead power line No. 02 at the Substation "Nakhimovskaya".

Together with the "Live Smolensk" project, an environmental campaign was organized to collect used batteries for their subsequent disposal. For two months, employees and visitors of the Customer Service Centre and points of work with consumers of Distribution Zones collected more than 1,000 batteries. Within the framework of the "Big Ecology Weekend in Smolensk" they were transferred to the organizers for subsequent disposal. The branch was given a certificate for active participation for the recycled materials (batteries and waste paper) from the project "Live Smolensk" and "TehnoparkSM".

The most memorable event of the "Green Distribution Zone" project was the visit of Smolenskenergo’s Youth Council to the National Park "Smolensk Lakeland" for an ecological clean-up event. In the Arboretum Park, located near the village of Boroviki, the young people of the energy company put in order a pharmacy garden with flower beds of exhibition plants and bushes, dug up and prepared for planting the adjacent area.

Please, be reminded that IDGC of Centre’s program "Green Distribution Zone" is timed to the Year of Ecology in Russia. It includes a number of activities aimed at attracting public attention to problems related to environmental protection.

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