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Employees of Bryanskenergo took part in the "Day of Safety" in the summer camp "Rucheyek"


Employees of Unechsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division told children, who are resting in the summer health camp "Rucheyek" in Unechsky district, about the rules of electrical safety. In addition to the power engineers, representatives of the State Traffic Inspectorate, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, and the Department of Minors Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bryansk Region traditionally took part in it.

Joint measures with the Ministry of Emergency Situations aimed at preventing children’s injuries are carried out within the framework of the agreement that was reached between the enterprises on the eve of the beginning of the summer holiday. So, for two and a half months such activities took place in children’s health and school camps on the territory of all districts of the Bryansk region.

As part of the "Day of Safety", the chief of Unechsky Distribution Zone, Sergey Bazyuto, reminded the children of the basic rules of electrical safety, told them about the "step voltage" and the way out of the danger zone, and gave memorable gifts - colouring books, lesson schedules, fairy tales of electricity with important information on electrical safety.

Conducting preventive classes and participation in the "Days of Safety" in children’s health facilities in the Bryansk region has become a good tradition for power engineers. In the school and summer health camps located in all districts of the Bryansk region, for two and a half months of holiday, the staff of the branch, including together with the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, has conducted more than 50 events for electrical safety.

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