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The fourth employment season of students’ construction crews finished at Tverenergo


IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division held the solemn closing ceremony of the fourth summer season of students’ construction crews "ELE-2017" and "Prometheus", recruited from among students of the Tver State Technical University (TSTU) and Konakovo Energy College (KEC). During the solemn line-up the students were awarded with letters of gratitude for responsible performance of their work duties and demonstrated youth enthusiasm.

Vadim Yurchenko, Deputy General Director - IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division director, thanked the young people, who took part in the movement of students’ construction crews and expressed the hope to see them in the company as employees in the future: "Energy as one of the most important branches of the economy and life support, does not forgive mistakes, but always encourages those who aspire to become the best. I am convinced that for a young specialist the work at such an organization as Tverenergo is an excellent professional start. The main thing that we expect from you, as from our future colleagues, is knowledge and the desire for it." In continuation of his welcoming speech, the head drew the attention of the participants of the line-up that the industry today more than ever needs young qualified personnel who try to create and solve bold, ambitious tasks. Vadim Yurchenko handed out letters of appreciation to the administrations of TSTU and KEC for a great deal of joint work on training the specialists.

In turn, Alexey Artemyev, the dean of the engineering and construction faculty of TSTU, stressed that the organization of students’ construction crews is a very necessary thing. "It helps the young people get professional skills, consolidate the technical knowledge that they receive in the process of training, and become excellent specialists," he stressed.

During the employment term, 20 young people worked at Konakovsky and Kalininsky Distribution Zones of Tverenergo. The specificity of their activities was determined by the main task facing the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre this year - the fight against losses of electric power, namely, non-contractual and non-metered consumption of the resource. In addition to taking readings from meters of residential customers and entering them in special programs, the student made a visual inspection of the meters for integrity of seals. All the members of the students’ construction crews were provided with overalls, received set meals and, most importantly, earned the first official record in the workbook and wages.

The students had bright impressions of the past working season. Alexey Kuzmin, the leader of the crew "Prometheus" from KEC, speaking in response, noted that thanks to the unique opportunity provided by Tverenergo, he and his classmates got a real idea of ​​the chosen profession. "We liked everything very much, we received a lot of positive emotions, as well as very important experience. Thanks to the big, close-knit, friendly team of power engineers. We hope that in the future we will come to work for you."

During the working semester, the members of the students’ construction crews were able to make sure that the branch offers not only an interesting job with decent working conditions, but also a rich corporate life. The Youth Council of Tverenergo actively involved the younger generation of power engineers in holding the annual tourist gathering of the branch, the open mini-football championship, and the contest for the most creative helmet. The students visited the 110/10 kV "Lebedevo" substation, the Museum of the Tver power system, the Grid Control Centre with tours.

As noted by Konstantin Chmutov, the head of the department for patriotic education and implementation of the youth programs of the Committee for Youth Affairs of the Tver region, it is important to ensure that all professionals who receive the profession in the Tver region work here. "There is a regional department of Russian students’ construction crews in the Committee for Youth Affairs, and our task is to involve as many students’ construction crews in this "orbit" as possible, to interact with employers. Tverenergo in this issue is at the forefront. At present, we are preparing an agreement on our future cooperation, which will undoubtedly bring great benefits to the energy industry and the development of youth policy in the Tver region."

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