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Employees of Bryanskenergo calibrated almost 600 units of measuring instruments


IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division summed up the results of metrological assurance of production for 7 months of 2017. All the events planned for the specified period are implemented in full.

Power engineers calibrated 593 units of working measuring instruments, organized verification of 1,452 units of measuring instruments, including 127 devices for commercial metering of electricity, 815 current measuring transformers and voltage measuring transformers.

During the reporting period, measurements were made of power quality indicators at 256 monitoring points. In a number of cases, the measurements were carried out according to the requests of consumers, according to their results, if necessary, the required corrective measures were promptly developed and implemented.

To measure electricity quality indicators in Bryanskenergo, domestic power quality meters such as "Resurs-UF2M", "Proryv-T-A" are used. Applied instruments have a convenient interface and allow obtaining reliable measurement results, thereby increasing energy efficiency.

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