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Representatives of Bryanskenergo congratulated the company’s veteran Anna Borisova on her 95th anniversary


IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division director Alexander Kosarim, representatives of the Youth Council, members of the veterans’ organization of the company visited a worker of the rear of the Great Patriotic War, a veteran of Bryanskenergo Anna Borisova and congratulated her on the 95th anniversary.

Anna Borisova worked at Bryanskenergo for more than 35 years. Her career there began in a difficult period for the country after the war, in 1951, from the position of the inspector-fitter, then worked in various positions in the accounting and economic office of the enterprise. For many years she headed the trade-union committee of the sales department, was the organizer of many cultural events. She retired in 1987.

The birthday woman told the guests about her youth, about work in difficult war years, about the post-war reconstruction of the energy industry. The power engineers thanked Anna Borisova for her hospitality, wished health and gave her a birthday present.

Visiting veterans of the war, former employees of the enterprise, became a good tradition for employees of Bryanskenergo. For many decades, young power engineers on the eve of commemorative holidays and anniversaries visit them, give gifts, and, if necessary, provide assistance. Bryanskenergo has a strong connection of generations, thanks to which young people take advantage of the rich experience of the honoured workers of the industry.

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