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Kurskenergo reduces grid losses


IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division conducts planned work to reduce losses in electric grids. Since the beginning of the year, the company has transmitted more than 1.01 billion kWh of electricity, while losses in the distribution 10/0.4 kV grid have decreased by 1.75 million kWh from the supply to the grid compared to the same period last year. This volume is sufficient, for example, to provide electricity to consumers in Cheremisinovsky district of the Kursk region within a month.

This indicator has been achieved thanks to the system work carried out by the power engineers, which includes a whole range of measures. Significant effect is given by raids to suppress non-metered and non-contractual consumption. Since the beginning of the year, employees of the branch’s specialized subdivisions have checked 5,265 electricity consumers, based on the results of inspections, 58 acts on non-contractual and non-metered consumption of electricity with a total volume of more than 420,000 kWh have been compiled and paid for.

Such measures also contribute to the reduction of losses as improvement of systems of settlement and technical metering, replacement of metering devices, as well as installation of building-level electricity metering devices.

Kurskenergo’s specialists implement other technical energy-saving measures, including replacement of overloaded and underloaded transformers, replacement of wires for a larger cross-section on overloaded power lines, uninsulated wire for self-supporting insulated wire (SIW) in places of the largest power losses, and organizational arrangements for switching off transformers with no load.

"Work to reduce losses in grids is one of the priorities of Kurskenergo. To this end, the branch implements new technologies, installs new energy-saving equipment, conducts a number of other activities that ultimately contribute to improving the reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the region," stresses the head of the services sales office of Kurskenergo Yury Kartsev.

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