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Kostromaenergo prepares for the passage of the flood period


IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division continues implementing measures to prepare for the operation through the spring high water. To ensure reliable operation of power grid facilities during the spring flood, the company created the Central Flood Commission, headed by First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of Kostromaenergo Alexander Chutkov.

Power engineers compiled a list of 203 energy facilities located in the zone of increased risk. When it was formed, the results of observations of the functioning of the grid infrastructure of the region during the flood periods of the previous three years were taken into account. Particular attention is paid to sections of overhead power lines (Conductors), which, according to preliminary estimates, can fall into the flooding zone (there are a total of 153 of them): the company’s employees carry out constant monitoring of them for the purpose of timely detection of underflooding and erosion, check availability and condition of protection means.

Unscheduled briefings on the safe conduct of work in flood conditions and the provision of first aid to the victim on the water were conducted for first responding, operating and repair personnel of Kostromaenergo. Emergency drills are carried out for actions in cases of flooding of electric grid facilities.

During the spring flood, Kostromaenergo will organize around-the-clock duty of 14 first responding mobile crews of 32 people and 14 crew vehicles. 8 mobile crews (40 people and 8 specialized vehicles) will be in the reserve. For the delivery of personnel and materials to the workplace and for their conduct, the units are equipped with motor boats, employees have been trained and have obtained the rights to manage water transport.

"The spring flood period is an annual exam for power engineers. Timely and qualitative preparation for it allows to avoid undesirable consequences of the disaster and ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers," stresses First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division Alexander Chutkov.

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