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Belgorod power engineers told future drivers of heavy vehicles about electric safety rules


More than 20 future drivers of heavy vehicles took part in a training seminar organized by specialists of IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division for cadets of the DOSAAF Russia motor sport school in Belgorod. The main topic of the meeting was the rules of conduct in security zones of power lines in the performance of earthwork and construction work.

In 2016, 40 accidents occurred on the territory of Russia at power facilities. A sharp increase in sad statistics is recorded with the beginning of the spring-summer construction season, among the injured, as a rule, there are drivers of heavy vehicles. So, at the end of March in Gavrilov-Yamsky district of the Yaroslavl region a tragedy occurred with a dump truck driver, which violated the rules for being in the security zone of a 10 kV overhead line. Directly under the power line he lifted the body, touched the wires and had electric shock. The second fatal error was the desire to leave the car. The victim fell under the step voltage and was hospitalized.

A leading engineer of the industrial safety and production control department of IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division German Busoyedov told how it was possible to avoid trouble. The most important rule: loading and unloading, construction and storage of materials must never be carried out in security zones of power lines. This is dangerous for life and is forbidden by the "Rules for the Establishment of Protected Areas for Electric Grid Facilities and Special Conditions for the Use of Land Plots Located within the Boundaries of Such Areas."

If special vehicles after all got in the area of ​​electric shock, the driver must not leave the salon to save his life. It is necessary to contact power engineers immediately by telephone 13-50 to de-energize the line.

If there is a fire in the car or there is another threat to life, the driver can jump out of the cab while touching the ground with two feet, without touching the metal parts of the cabin, and then with goose step, without taking his feet off the ground and from each other, leave at 8-10 metres from the danger zone. During the jump one should exclude the simultaneous touch of the body of the vehicle and the ground! It should be remembered that the distance in a radius of 10 metres around the vehicle is also under the wire voltage, this is the step voltage zone. The scene of the incident must be protected and no one should be admitted to it until the emergency crew arrives. Observance of these rules will help avoid an accident and will save a life even in an emergency situation.

The power engineer recalled the main causes of electric shock, for the sake of clarity, he demonstrated to the listeners the unfortunate consequences of violation of electrical safety rules. In conclusion, he answered questions of the listeners, and again emphasized that for the sake of his own safety, any actions in security zones of power lines should be coordinated with power engineers.

According to the future drivers, such seminars are very useful. "The instructor talks about the basics of driving and what is a vehicle. But such subtleties are not foreseen. Meanwhile, this is vitally important," stressed a listener of the courses Maxim Ilyin.

Such classes are organized by power engineers regularly, the main purpose of such meetings is to prevent the death of people as a result of careless handling of electricity.

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