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Bryanskenergo opened an exhibition of humorous pictures of the veteran of the enterprise Lyudmila Trofimenko


In the executive office of IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division on the eve of the Laughter Day, an exhibition of humorous pictures of a member of the Veterans’ Board of the enterprise Lyudmila Trofimenko was opened. The exposition presents more than 20 works executed in the original style - they are embroidered in technique in black and white. All the subjects of the paintings were invented by the author, some of them, in particular, are devoted to the current topic of electrical safety.

Lyudmila Trofimenko is a veteran of Bryanskenergo. She worked as a draftsman in the design and estimate bureau of the enterprise for more than 30 years. From birth the compulsive personality after retirement mastered many types of decorative and applied creativity: embroidery, knitting, weaving, making pictures of seeds and cereals. Lyudmila said about her work at Bryanskenergo and current hobbies at the grand opening of the exposition.

Bryanskenergo regularly hosts exhibitions of creative works of the company’s employees. They take an active part in regional, municipal and corporate competitions. All this once again demonstrates: power engineers are people of a wide range of hobbies and interests.

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