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A shell of the war disarmed in Kardymovsky district of the Smolensk region near a power line of Smolenskenergo


In Kardymovsky district of the Smolensk region, near a power line of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division, when working to clear ROWs, an object was discovered that looks like a mine from the times of the Great Patriotic War. The object was found by the contractor’s employees right near the power line.

Specialists of the line service of Smolenskenergo immediately stopped work and transmitted information about the dangerous find to the local police and EMERCOM, taking measures to prevent unauthorized persons from approaching the site. Only sappers disarm, neutralize or destruct explosive objects.

After the removal of the object from the territory of the security zone of the power line, the work on clearing the ROWs was continued.

Smolenskenergo reminds that it is possible to report all cases of unlawful persons, strange objects, cases of unlawful actions near power facilities by calling the 24-hour hotline of power engineers of IDGC of Centre at 8-800-50-50-115 (free of charge).

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