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Orelenergo increases the reliability of electricity supply to the population


IDGC of Centre – Orelenergo division conducts systematic work to improve the reliability of electricity supply to electric energy consumers. An important place in it is given to technical measures, one of which is replacement of inputs in households with the use of self-supporting insulated wire (SIW).

Unlike non-insulated wire, the SIW wire has an insulating polyethylene coating that makes it difficult to connect illegally to inputs (this is where the cases of theft are most often recorded), which can significantly reduce the commercial loss of electricity. In addition, due to its high strength and resistance to weathering, it provides a higher reliability of power supply.

In 2016, specialists of Orelenergo replaced with the use of SIW 971 inputs in households of the Orel region, for which they used almost 24.2 km of wire. First of all, this work was carried out at the most energy-intensive and problem areas, including where there were recorded cases of theft of electricity and consumers’ calls on the quality of electricity.

In 2017, Orelenergo plans to replace 845 inputs using self-supporting insulated wire.

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