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Lipetskenergo works with the administration of the region to organize street lighting


IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division cooperates with the office of housing and communal services and the office of energy and tariffs of the Lipetsk region to determine the necessary level of lighting of municipalities.

In accordance with the minutes of the meeting on the organization of street lighting, which took place in the administration of the region last month, it was decided to develop measures to bring street lighting to the standard in the territories of municipalities, and to continue work on the inclusion of 6,100 installed lighting fixtures into power supply contracts, which were previously subject to dismantling. The Housing and Utilities Committee sent proposals to heads of districts on the inclusion of these fixtures in power supply contracts.

In order to improve the level of amenities in terms of the lighting of municipal districts, urban districts and rural settlements, the power company assessed the technical feasibility of installation of additional fixtures on poles of power lines of the branch. According to calculations of Lipetskenergo’s specialists, 139,160 power line poles will be used for their installation.

In addition, schemes were worked out for processing of additional and previously identified non-contract street lighting fixtures, the cost of creating a separately installed fixture was calculated. The estimated costs of paying for electricity consumed by the lamp for inclusion in municipal budgets were determined and sent to the administration.

"Schemes of organization of work and calculation of costs - this is an important phase, but not the last stage of our joint work with the administration of the region in this direction. Lipetskenergo is ready to support the implementation of energy service agreements with investors, provide services for integrated maintenance of street lighting networks, continue work on the inclusion of non-contract lighting fixtures in power supply contracts. We have to take part in other events aimed at improving the municipalities in terms of putting street lighting in order," commented Deputy Director for Sale and Development of Services Alexander Kosolapov.

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