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Smolenskenergo summed up its environmental activities for 2016


IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division summed up the implementation of the Program for Environmental Safety and Rational Use of Natural Resources in 2016. The Smolensk branch spent about 3.5 million rubles to implement the environmental policy measures of IDGC of Centre. Of these, 1.057 million rubles were allocated for receiving and treatment of sewage waters, 827 thousand rubles for solid utility waste, 349 thousand rubles for the development of draft waste generation standards and limits for their disposal, and 61.7 thousand rubles for the development of projects of maximum permissible emissions.

The environmental protection activities of Smolenskenergo include measures to protect air and water basins, protect and rationally use land, reduce the impact of physical factors on the environment. This includes: organization of primary recording of waste generation; organization of timely delivery for recycling of waste generated during repair, operation and reconstruction of power grids; strengthening of control over conditions of temporary accumulation of spent mercury lamps, control of marking of containers for the accumulation of wastes of I - V hazard classes; bringing soil contamination sites in compliance; implementation of environmental inspections in structural units, etc.

In 2016, in order to control the maximum permissible emissions (MPE) of pollutants into the atmosphere, 3 draft MPE standards were developed for the atmosphere for 3 sites of the grid company. The analysis of compliance with the MPE of pollutants on 8 sources of emissions of production departments was carried out. Exceeding the established standards is not revealed.

To prevent pollution of land with production and consumption wastes, waste storage sites are regularly set up, containers are marked, full primary waste records are organized, and logs of generation and movement of wastes are maintained for all types. Under contracts for removal and utilization of waste with specialized organizations that have the appropriate licenses, about 945 tons of wastes of the first-fifth hazard classes were delivered. Absorbents of biodegradation were used throughout 2016 in the case of minor soil and solid surfaces contamination with oil products.

Enhancement of the level of ecological safety at electric grid facilities is also facilitated by modernization of electric grid equipment, application of advanced technologies and solutions for transmission and distribution of electricity. During overhaul, technical re-equipment and reconstruction of electric grid facilities, 25 oil circuit breakers of 6-10 kV were replaced during the past year; 3 sets of breaker-isolating switch/short-circuiting switch-110 kV were replaced with gas-insulated circuit breakers; installation of SF6 110 kV breakers instead of oil 110 kV ones; installation of vacuum 6 kV switches instead of oil 6 kV ones. Unlike oil, it has an increased index of reliability and durability, has high technical parameters, is easy to maintain and is fireproof.

Also during the year, work was carried out on replacement of oil switches for vacuum and SF6, as well as repair of oil receivers of transformers and repair of oil circuit breakers.

Power engineers pay also attention to protection of wildlife near electrical installations. The company uses advanced technologies: to protect birds from effects of electrical current, ordinary wires are replaced by self-supporting insulated wire (SIW), which allows to reduce the cutting area of ​​ROWs. In addition, 222 special bird anti-collision devices were installed on 6-10 kV overhead lines.

Personnel responsible for environmental protection are trained under environmental safety programs, including in the field of hazardous waste management. So, in 2016 42 employees of Smolenskenergo were trained on the topic "Handling of hazardous waste" to improve the skills of personnel in the field of environmental protection. Upon completion training certificates and certificates for the right of work with dangerous waste were given out.

Smolenskenergo pays much attention to environmental safety and carries out its activities in accordance with the current draft standards for maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and draft standards for waste generation and limits on their placement. By presidential decree, the year 2017 was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. This year, the branch has developed and is implementing a comprehensive system of measures to maintain the required level of environmental safety at power facilities. The current Environmental Policy Implementation Program is planned for 2017-2018. It involves the implementation of a whole range of environmental measures, its execution has already begun.

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