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In 2016 Tambovenergo fully implemented the "Program for the Environmental Policy Implementation"


IDGC of Centre – Tambovenergo division summed up the implementation of the "Program for the Environmental Policy Implementation" in 2016. In total, 36 events were carried out within the framework of the program, about 1.9 million rubles were allocated for this purpose.

The energy company carried out monitoring of the negative impact of pollutants on the environment in its service area. The conducted instrumental measurements of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and laboratory control measurements of quantitative chemical analysis of soil at waste storage sites confirmed that the indicators are within the established standards. Also, measures were taken to exclude the negative impact of petroleum products in case of their entry into the soil with the use of biosorbents.

Systematically, I-V class hazard wastes were handed over to specialized organizations.

To exclude cases of death of birds and animals from electric shock by contact with wires, pole elements and other parts of electrical installations, Tambovenergo’s specialists installed 374 bird anti-collision devices during the construction and repair of power lines.

An important place in the activities of the environmental program of Tambovenergo is given to the modernization of energy equipment to reduce and prevent its negative impact on the environment. In the past year, the branch specialists at power facilities performed repair of oil switches, oil receivers of transformers, drainage devices, repair of oil-filled equipment and replacement of gravel bedding under it. 31 units of equipment containing polychlorinated biphenyls with a total weight of 1.8 tons were decommissioned and disposed of. About a thousand kilometres of 0.4 kV and 6-10 kV overhead lines were replaced with insulated wire.

To identify the qualitative and quantitative composition of wastes and to obtain a permit for their disposal, draft waste generation norms and limits for their disposal were developed for Tambovsky, Rasskazovsky and Sampursky Distribution Zones.

In 2016, 24 specialists of the branch raised their professional level in the sphere of environmental safety, having completed training under the program "Environmental Safety of Electric Grid Enterprises".

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