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Kurskenergo’s specialists continue to conduct electrical safety lessons in schools of the region


IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division continues regular work on prevention of children’s electric injuries in the general educational institutions of the Kursk region. Its important part is lessons on electrical safety. Employees of the branch conduct them throughout the year in schools of the region.

Another lesson was held at Municipal Educational Institution "Konyshevskaya Secondary General School" in Konyshevsky district of the Kursk region for pupils of grades 4-8. The thematic class was conducted by the deputy chief of service sales of Konyshevsky Distribution Zone Kirill Alfimov and an engineer of the production safety and industrial control office of the branch Pavel Bukhantsev. They told the children about the role of electricity in men’s life and its dangers, if they violate the rules for the safe handling of electricity.

The power engineers paid special attention to the rules of conduct near transmission lines (power lines) and transformer substations. Their speech was supported by thematic videos and visual materials - warning signs, posters.

The specialists of the branch also reminded the children about the rules of electrical safety in everyday conditions. And at the end of the lesson they demonstrated protective equipment that electricians use in their work, and practical skills of providing first aid to a victim with electric shock.

To consolidate the acquired knowledge, each participant of the lesson received as a gift specialized brochures and memos with a reminder of the rules of safe behaviour near power facilities.

"Prevention of children’s electric injuries is primarily aimed at preventing accidents involving children whose curiosity can lead to unfortunate consequences," stresses Deputy Chief Engineer and the head of the production safety and industrial control office of Kurskenergo Victor Sokolov. "This is an important area of ​​our activity, so we try to do this work not only for schoolchildren, but also teachers and parents."

During the year the branch specialists will conduct about 150 lessons of electrical safety, more than three thousand children and adolescents will participate in them.

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