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Tverenergo’s Youth Council took part in a "battle of verses"


The Youth Council of IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division took part in the cultural and entertainment event "Battle of verses 2 on 2". The creative competition was held with the support of the regional association "Association of Writers of the Upper Volga Region".

The participants of the event were Vladimir Gorlanov, the chairman of the Youth Council, a relay protection and automation engineer of the Tver production base of IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division, and Andrey Erofeev, the head of the substation operating maintenance group of Tverenergo, who presented the creative duet "P.O.E.T".

As part of the competition, the participants had to speak with a recitation of poems, including their own authorship, and lyrics.

The chairman of the Youth Council of Tverenergo Vladimir Gorlanov presented to the audience and the jury verses of his own composition, Andrey Erofeev read a poem of the famous Tver poet Vladimir Kruss, and the power engineers also recited the text of a popular song.

Other members of the Youth Council also came to cheer for their colleagues, who supported the participants in the contest with friendly cheering words and applauses.

It should be noted that this is not the first creative initiative of activists of the Youth Council of Tverenergo. In 2016 the young people took part in the regional contest of working professions "Masters of the Upper Volga Region", organized a charitable action for children of the children’s TB sanatorium No. 2, interactive sites at the city festivals "Square of the Good", "Carton Board City", the Days of Vyshny Volochok and Vyshnevolotsky District, and they also held the First Tourist Gathering of Tverenergo.

"Creative practices and initiatives are not an active response for the first time among the Tver power engineers," stressed the chairman of the Youth Council Vladimir Gorlanov. "Sports and cultural and entertainment events contribute to comprehensive development, and also have a positive impact on the unity of our team."

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