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Kurskenergo’s specialists continue to teach children the basics of electrical safety


This year IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division continues the systematic work on the prevention of children’s electric injuries. An important part of this work is lessons on electrical safety, which power engineers conduct in educational institutions of the region to reduce the risk of accidents involving children at power facilities. The next two of these classes were held at the beginning of last week at the regional budgetary general education institution "Lyceum-boarding school No. 1 of the city of Kursk". 175 children aged from 8 to 16 took part in them.

A leading specialist of the operating personnel training centre of Kurskenergo Elena Rusanova told the schoolchildren about the basic rules of behaviour near power facilities and the handling of electrical appliances, explained the importance of warning signs.

The participants of the lesson learned, in particular, why they must not touch poles of power lines, climb them and do a "selfie", fish under them; how to behave when you are in a danger zone next to a broken electric wire. In addition, they had the opportunity to try on real power equipment - boots, helmets and gloves.

The practical part of the lessons was of great interest to the children, during which the specialist of Kurskenergo demonstrated to them the methods of resuscitation of the victim on a special dummy-simulator "Gosha". All interested persons had an opportunity to master the technique of rendering first aid to the victim independently.

Director of the boarding school Maria Morshneva thanked the organizers of the classes, noting their need and usefulness.

"Such thematic classes are useful and necessary for children," emphasized Maria. "The children have learned a lot of useful information that will help them stay healthy and safe."

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