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Smolenskenergo has all the conditions for safe operation


The issues of preventing and reducing the level of occupational injuries, safety, and preservation of the health and life of personnel are priority for IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division. The management of the branch provided, in sufficient volume, the working personnel with means of protection, tools and devices enabling them to carry out work without the risk of injury and the admission of accidents. 58.5 million rubles were spent in 2016 to implement the safety measures.

In 2016 the work continued equipping with modern means of protection: operating and mobile and repair crews were provided with sets of rods for installing portable grounding on overhead power lines without climbing poles for both 6-10 kV and 0.4 kV overhead lines. The operating and repair personnel are fully equipped with suits that are resistant to electric arc.

Priority areas in the field of safety in Smolenskenergo are training of employees in safe working methods, increasing knowledge in occupational safety and health, as well as testing safety knowledge with relevant personnel. First of all, the knowledge of the rules on labour protection in the operation of electrical installations, the rules of technical operation and fire safety are checked, and the skills of first aid in case of accidents at work are also tested. Monthly the central commission of the branch examined the knowledge of 14 managers and employees of the branch, commissions of structural units - 90 employees.

Thus, the employer fulfills its main duty to the personnel, providing not only effective, but, above all, safe working conditions. In turn, the employees are to comply with all the requirements of the rules and methods of safe work organization, to use all the acquired devices and tools, so that the money spent, and in 2016 it was more than 58 million rubles, could save the life and health of the power engineers.

The program to reduce risks of injuries to third parties at facilities in 2016 provided for implementation of a whole range of measures for the technical improvement of operation of electrical installations and prevention of electric injuries. All of them were performed in full and on time. Smolenskenergo’s power facilities are regularly inspected by commissions consisting of power engineers: the integrity of doors, locks, and the presence of locking devices are checked. To inform the public, signs and posters on the danger of electric current are placed on all power facilities of the branch.

Particular attention during 2016 was given to outreach work among various groups of the population. On a regular basis there were conversations of the branch specialists in children’s health camps and electrical safety lessons in schools of the region. Throughout the school year Smolensk power engineers visited tens of schools in the region where, together with teachers, they conducted special electrical safety classes at lessons "Fundamentals of Life Safety", as well as extra-curricular activities. In total, 126 such studies were conducted in 2016. 18 letters of gratitude were received from directors of educational institutions.

In 2017 Smolenskenergo’s power engineers will continue to conduct consistent and systematic work to prevent electric injuries among the personnel and residents of the region.

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