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Voronezh branch of IDGC of Centre reminds of electrical safety rules during bad weather


Due to unfavourable weather forecast power engineers of IDGC of Centre – Voronezhenergo division have mobilized forces and resources in case of immediate elimination of possible technological disturbances.

According to Roshydromet and EMERCOM of Russia in the Voronezh region, in the region due to strong winds up to 15-20 m/s, snowfall, snowstorm, snow drifts, there is higher probability of falling bad fixed, widescreen, dilapidated, advertising structures, crane equipment, branches and tree timbers to overhead power lines, wire breakage and damage to power line poles.

IDGC of Centre – Voronezhenergo division has taken all measures to ensure reliable power supply to consumers in the region. For rapid elimination of technological disturbances at power equipment the Voronezh branch of IDGC of Centre has available 44 first responding crews (88 people and 44 specialized vehicles), as well as 4 mobile crews of the power line service (26 people and 8 specialized vehicles).

Besides them, another 174 crews of Voronezhenergo, consisting of more than 900 people and more than 450 specialized vehicles, can be promptly brought to the liquidation of technological infringements, if necessary.

To arrange temporary supply of electricity to consumers in case of first responding and restoration operations 68 mobile and stationary backup power sources with total capacity of about 1.58 MW may be used.

Voronezhenergo’s experts once again remind of the rules of behaviour at power failure:

  1. It must be remembered that it is extremely dangerous to approach trees lying on wires (as they may be under voltage), sagging or broken wires closer than 8 metres. If you happen to be at a shorter distance, move away from the wire without taking the foot off the ground.
  2. If you notice a broken wire, please, keep the fault location safe in a radius of 8 - 10 metres and report the incident to EMERCOM calling 112, as well as the toll-free around-the-clock straight phone line of power engineers at 8-800-505-01-15.
  3. Do not attempt to repair the electrical network. It can be life-threatening!
  4. Do not enter fenced premises of power facilities, do not penetrate indoors.
  5. Do not make a temporary electrical wiring.
  6. Do not use electric generators indoors. Such devices are a fire hazard and make carbon dioxide!
  7. In the room turn off all electrical appliances.
  8. Turn off all the lights but one light bulb. It is necessary for you to know if the electricity supply is suddenly restored.
  9. If the interruption was at night, look out of the window and check if your entire neighbourhood or just your house is off.
  10. If the entire city is off, check the pressure at the tap with cold water and make water supply reserve.
  11. After power is restored, do not rush to turn on electrical appliances. Make sure the light is not "blinking" or "floating", wait 10 minutes.
  12. Recharge all devices with built-in batteries and used by you during the power outage.

The power company urges people to be vigilant and observe safety rules. IDGC of Centre requests residents to assist and promptly report facts of interruption in the power supply via the around the clock "straight" phone line of the power company at 8-800-50-50-115 or 13-50 (from fixed phones). The call is toll-free.

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