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Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre restored electricity supply in the Tver region


On the morning of 6 December on the territory of the Tver region there was a number of local blackouts in 58 towns of Bezhetsky, Vesyegonsky, Kesovogorsky, Kimrsky, Maksatikhinsky, Penovsky and Sonkovsky districts. By the end of the working day damage to the electric grid was removed, electricity supply to consumers was restored.

The cause of disruption of the electric grid operation in the Tver region was deterioration of weather conditions. Namely, the temperature transition from sub-zero to positive values, which was accompanied by heavy rainfall and gusty winds. At the same time, the core grid of 35-110 kV of the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre functioned smoothly. All work was carried out in distribution networks of 10-0.4 kV, which directly feed consumers.

By the end of the day first responding and restoration operations on the territory of the region were successfully completed. They were performed by 47 crews of power engineers of Tverenergo involving 47 crew vehicles and 15 specialized vehicles of the branch. Units of EMERCOM in the Tver region provided assistance and support to the power engineers. Tverenergo’s crisis management centre is in close cooperation with General Directorate of EMERCOM and the Regional Government.

According to weather forecasts, heavy snowfall and temperature jumps are once again expected in the near future. Such adverse weather conditions can cause local power outages. For that case, 13 mobile first responding and restoration crews of Tverenergo are constantly available, who are ready at any time to go to perform emergency and restoration operations. In addition, the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre has 18 diesel generators, distributed by Distribution Zones.

Tverenergo refers to inhabitants of the Tver region. Dear customers! Interruptions in electricity supply in the 0.4 kV network are eliminated on request. If your house has a local power outage, please, call the "straight hotline" at 8-800-50-50-115. The call is toll-free.

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