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Bryanskenergo operates on high alert mode


Today, 5 December, due to abrupt change in the weather conditions and passage in the territory of the Bryansk region of a cyclone with sleet IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division introduced "high alert operation mode".

Bryanskenergo set up a crisis management centre. Special control over the work of power facilities was established, performance of routine repairs was stopped or minimized. Information exchange was organized with regional EMERCOM offices and executive authorities, MES of Centre, FGC UES, territorial power grid companies.

In case of interruptions the branch staff is ready to proceed immediately to restoration efforts. In standby mode there are 535 employees, 171 first responding and repair crews, 232 units of machinery, including 95 – specialized vehicles.

IDGC of Centre’s power engineers warn residents of the Central Federal District on compliance with safety rules during bad weather.

After passing atmospheric fronts fallen under the pressure of strong wind trees may damage wires of overhead power lines. To avoid high voltage, it must be remembered that it is extremely dangerous to approach trees lying on wires (as they may be energized), sagging or broken wires closer than 8 metres. If you are at a short distance, move away from the wire without taking the foot off the ground.

If you notice a broken wire, organize the protection of the fault location in a radius of 8 - 10 metres and report the incident by the around the clock straight phone line of the power company at 8-800-505-01-15.

Please, remember the rules of behaviour at power failure:

  1. Do not attempt to repair the electrical network. It can be life-threatening!
  2. Do not enter fenced premises of power facilities, do not penetrate indoors.
  3. Do not make a temporary electrical wiring.
  4. Do not use electric generators indoors. Such devices are a fire hazard and make carbon dioxide!
  5. In the room turn off all electrical appliances.
  6. Turn off all the lights but one light bulb. It is necessary for you to know if the electricity supply is suddenly restored.
  7. If the interruption was at night, look out of the window and check if your entire neighbourhood or just your house is off.
  8. If the entire city is off, check the pressure at the tap with cold water and make water supply reserve.
  9. After power is restored, do not rush to turn on electrical appliances. Make sure the light is not "blinking" or "floating", wait 10 minutes.
  10. Recharge all devices with built-in batteries and used by you during the power outage.

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