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Belgorodenergo’s employee received a government award


According to the Presidential Decree of 17 November 2016 for achievements in the field of energy and many years of conscientious work the honorary title "Honoured Power Engineer of the Russian Federation" was awarded the chief of the operations and technology group of Belgorodsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division Vladislav Glushko.

Vladislav has been in the energy sector since 1984. He started as an electrician at Frunzensky grid enterprise, worked as a master, then a foreman. In 1995 he moved with his family to the Belgorod region, got a job in Belgorodsky Distribution Zone as an operator. In 2002 he headed the operational and dispatching service.

During the period of his subdivision management the number power grid facilities of the regional centre increased considerably. For power supply of housing, social and budgetary institutions two high-voltage feeding centre, more than 200 kilometres of cable and overhead power lines, 400 transformer substations and distribution centres were constructed.

Vladislav Glushko provided commissioning of the substations "May" "Belgorod-1", "East", "Dredger" and "Avtoremzavod", was engaged in connecting the Belgorod Cardiology Centre, the International "Belgorod" airport, residential micro-districts "Snail", "Vladimir", "Silver horseshoe", "Thalweg"; he participated in development of designing a power supply circuit for the individual housing construction project "Southwest 2.2". He initiated increase of reliability of the power supply circuit of the boiler’s house "Western", City Clinical Hospital № 2, and the entire area of ​​Kharkov Mountain District. He made a great contribution to organization of monitoring of lighting fixtures intensity and their supervisory control and timely replacement.

In all situations Vladislav finds a an efficient solution. As he admits, solid experience and knowledge of technology help him in this. He is willing to share the knowledge accumulated for more than 30 years of work in the energy sector with young professionals, paying considerable attention to their professional development and formation.

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