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"Lipetskenergo" summed up the children’s contest, dedicated to electrical safety


IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division announced winners of crossword puzzle contests, dedicated to electricity and electrical safety.

The children, who were among the first to send a correctly solved crossword puzzle, were recognized as the winners, namely, Alina Ivanova, a pupil of lyceum № 4 of the city of Dankov; Danil Malukov, a pupil of school № 17 of the city of Yelets; Angelina Shakhova and Nikita Shatov, pupils of the village school of Terbuny, as well as the whole 4 "A" class of the village school of Dubovoye in Dobrinksky district.

The best crossword on "Electricity" was made by a seventh-grader from the village school of Farm- Berezovka in Terbunsky district Valya Ryazantseva. It was published in issue 23 of "Golden Key" on 15 November 2016.

Talented pupils were awarded souvenirs and gifts in the form of informative, colourful books and encyclopedias, which were handed to them in a solemn atmosphere by representatives of Distribution Zones.

Throughout the year the energy company carries out activities with children on prevention of electric injuries. Among them there are traditional lessons, thematic meetings and publications in print and online media.

Through these activities, in collaboration with the regional children’s newspaper "Golden Key", this year "Lipetskenergo" has offered to pupils of the region to take part in two contests. The children solved the crossword puzzle published by the editorial office of the media, whose questions allowed to check the knowledge of the younger generation about the rules of electrical safety as well as to try to force in making their own puzzles.

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