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Employees of Bryanskenergo together with representatives of EMERCOM held an electrical safety lesson


Staff of IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division and the regional office of EMERCOM of Russia held a joint lesson on electrical safety in the municipal budgetary general education institution "Secondary school №12 named after Alexander Vinogradov" in the city of Bryansk. More than seventy pupils of grade 5 were at the lesson.

Representatives of EMERCOM told the children about the main causes of fire, one of which is non-compliance with electrical safety regulations. Leading expert on safety of the office of industrial safety and production control of Bryanskenergo Vasily Myshakovsky reminded the children how to behave near electrical installations to avoid cases of electric injuries, demonstrated prohibiting signs placed on transformer substations and other power facilities, and recalled the sequence of actions that must be followed, being in the area of step voltage.

The fifth graders watched educational videos on electrical safety, answered questions of an "energy" quiz, and at the end of the lesson received useful gifts: reflective bracelets and rulers with electrical safety regulations written on them.

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