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Kostromaenergo’s metrological service awarded a letter of gratitude of the state regional centre of standardization


IDGC of Centre – Kostromaenergo division received a letter of gratitude from the director of the State Centre for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Kostroma region Vladimir Bulatov. The institution’s management thanks the power company for its contribution to the joint work in the field of quality measurement.

Kostromaenergo carries out planned metrological control of measuring instruments, monitoring their condition and application, compliance with metrological rules and norms. This is handled by experts of the department of metrology and quality of electricity. They serve 27 Distribution Zones, 12 services and departments of the enterprise, operating measuring instruments.

In 2015 the company’s metrologists completed calibration of 2,443 working measuring units, panel measuring units and converters, and calibrated 1,041 measuring units, including - 406 measuring transformers and electricity meters.

Twice in a row, in 2015 and 2016, the metrological service of Kostromaenergo became the winner of the regional contest "The best metrological service of the Kostroma region".

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