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Experts of "Lipetskenergo" continue to struggle with theft of electricity


During 9 months of this year power engineers of IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division organized 164 specialized raids to identify facts of illegal consumption of electricity. In total, more than 30 thousand metering points of physical and legal persons were checked. As a result 1,560 facts of non-metered and non-contractual electricity consumption of 23.9 million kilowatt/hours recorded. For all the revealed facts of non-contractual consumption, such as today - 493, statements to the police were submitted. As a result of their consideration 21 people were brought to administrative responsibility.

These measures allowed to prevent economic damage to the Company in the amount of 51.1 million rubles. Returned funds will be spent on reconstruction and upgrade of electric grid facilities.

The held raids showed that the vast majority of offenders are using well-known methods of theft of electricity. The most common of these are various manipulations with meters and unauthorized connection to power lines.

Such actions cause serious financial damage to the Company, become considerable fines to violators and can cause increased load on the grid and failure of electrical equipment.

In accordance with Article 7.19 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation "Unauthorized connection and use of electricity, heat, oil or gas" it is punishable with an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of 10 to 15 thousand rubles; on officials - from 30 to 80 thousand rubles or disqualification for a period of one to two years; for legal entities - from 100 to 200 thousand rubles.

In cases where the amount of stolen electricity exceeds 250 thousand rubles for individuals and 1 million rubles for legal entities, it implies criminal liability. In accordance with Article 165 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Causing damage to property by deception or abuse of trust" is punishable by a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles, or community service for up to two years.

Interference in the work of power equipment is fraught with consequences not only for energy thieves, but also for conscientious consumers. They often have a tragic ending.

To prevent facts of illegal consumption of electricity and possible injuries, please, report them by the around-the-clock straight phone line of power engineers at 8 800 50 50 115. The call is toll-free.

"With the onset of cold weather power consumption traditionally increases. Unfortunately, the number of those wishing to save on electricity bills also increases in proportion. And it is in this period strengthening of raid operations to detect theft is added to the hard work of specialists of "Lipetskenergo" on providing electricity to consumers. As practice shows, many people still fail to realize that the electricity is a commodity, for the theft of which they must be responsible to the fullest extent of the law. And sometimes not only with the ruble. And then a classic of the genre goes - "ignorance of the law is no excuse," commented Vadim Negrobov, the head of the electricity metering office of "Lipetskenergo".

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