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Smolensk power engineers completed the work on expansion and clearing ROWs in 2016


As part of the investment program implementation specialists of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division completed work on clearing and extension of ROWs in the service area of the grid company in the Smolensk region. This program implementation will allow to provide high-quality and reliable power supply to consumers and reduces risks of tripping of lines due to falling trees. In addition, along cleared ROWs it is more convenient to perform work while operating a line.

The energy company implements plans for clearing ROWs annually. The most active phase of implementation – this is in spring and summer, however, work on clearing and extension of ROWs continues until the end of October.

Clearing ROWs of 110 kV overhead lines from trees and shrubs within repair and maintenance activities in 2016 was performed by IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division as for 110 kV overhead lines - 435.21 hectares (for comparison: the standard football field area is less than 1 hectare), as for 35 kV overhead lines - 324.69 hectares, 6-10 kV overhead lines - 529.20 hectares. 36.51 million rubles were spent to perform the work.

For 2016 the annual plan to expand the ROWs of 6-110 kV overhead lines was made by 100% and amounted to 560 hectares.

The work was carried out both by means of contractors and by own forces. The main way of clearing at Smolenskenergo is a manual method using chainsaws and brush cutters. These tools are lightweight, easy to use, reliable and do not require great physical exertion, thus can significantly increase productivity. The second way to clearing, which saves time and increases the productivity of the work, is mechanized - with the help of special equipment (bulldozers). This allows for partial destruction of the root system of trees and shrubs, which retards the growth of seedlings under the line several times in comparison with manual clearing.

For each section of an overhead line ROW the most effective method of clearing is determined. It also involves felling separately alone standing trees threatening to fall on power line wires.

During the work power engineers try as much as possible not to disconnect the line, so as not to cause inconvenience to consumers of electricity. All operations are conducted in strict compliance with occupational safety regulations for electrical installations.

According to the experts, clearing and extension of ROWs is an important activity of the company engaged in the distribution and transmission of electricity. Clearing and expansion are designed to improve the quality of power supply to consumers, except in an emergency caused by a short circuit due to contact between wires and trees. In addition, a broad ROW in the winter has less snowmaking on wires, better conditions for electricians to inspect.

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