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Smolenskenergo concluded more than 12 thousand contracts for the provision of value-added services for 9 months of 2016


Value-added services of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division for 9 months of 2016 were requested 13,356 times. During this period 12,182 contracts were concluded for the provision of value-added services (68% more than in the same period of 2015). Revenue from sale of value-added services continues increasing: compared with the same period in 2015 the revenue grew by 125% (the income increased by 17 million rubles). During 9 months of 2016 the revenue plan was fulfilled at 152% and amounted to 86.33 million rubles.

Today Smolenskenergo provides its customers with such value-added services as installation and replacement of metering equipment, operational and maintenance of electrical grids, street lighting networks, testing and diagnostics of equipment, electrical safety devices, execution of work related to the customer’s competence in the grid connection procedure implementation (Grid connection support) and others. The most popular among the residents of the Smolensk region in 2016 were services for replacement and installation of electricity meters (10,041 applications were received for 9 months), services to provide technical resources (1,422 applications), as well as services to support the grid connection procedure (1,946 applications).

Special attention is paid by Smolenskenergo to improve customer service quality, which is achieved through regular training seminars and certification of personnel responsible for interaction with customers, analyzing customer feedback. During 9 months the branch received 8,410 positive feedbacks, over half of which (4,448) on the performance of work for the provision of value-added services.

All necessary work to provide value-added services is carried out by qualified personnel in strict accordance with the technical standards and requirements. Smolenskenergo has specialized equipment, all required permits and licenses, as well as materials and equipment, allowing to perform work of any degree of complexity with the provision of guarantees for all types of value-added services provided.

Being aware of its responsibility for reliable, uninterrupted power supply, the branch strives to fully meet customer demand. Provision of value-added services on the one hand allows the company to obtain additional financial resources, which are used to modernize electric grid facilities, on the other - allows consumers to get professional help in matters of energy supply.

For all issues related to the provision of core and value-added services you may contact the direct line of power engineers of IDGC of Centre at 8-800-50-50-115 (toll-free), customer service offices of Smolenskenergo.

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