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Smolenskenergo’s staff in anticipation of the autumn holidays held a series of electrical safety lessons


Specialists of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division on the eve of the autumn school holidays organized a series of lessons on prevention of children’s electric injuries in several schools of the Smolensk region. In October, staff of the branch held classes for pupils of junior and middle classes in Chekulinsky School of Smolensky district, Selensky School of Temkinsky district, Steshinsky School of Kholm-Zhirkovsky district, Prechistensky School of Dukhovschinsky district, Karmanovsky School of Gagarinsky district, School in the village of Noskovo in Monastyrschinsky district, Merlinsky School of Krasninsky district, in Glinkovsky, Rudnyansky and Ershichsky Schools, as well as Przewalsky School of Demidovsky district. All the pupils from the first to the senior classes could visit the classes in Vaskovsky School of Pochinoksky district and Ivano-Gudinsky Rural School of Elninsky district. On the last school day of the first school quarter classes were held for pupils of the fourth grade of High School №28 and Lyceum №1 in the city of Smolensk. A total of more than 400 pupils 15 visited lessons in the schools of the region in late October.

The power engineers told the schoolchildren about the need to comply with electrical safety regulations. For example, why they must not run a kite near a high voltage power line, climb an electricity pole, approach at an unacceptably close distance to wires, introduced them to warning signs that are placed on power equipment. The children learned how terrible consequences of non-compliance with electrical safety rules can be, based on examples of real tragedies, told them by the power engineers.

During the classes Smolenskenergo’s experts also showed the pupils themed videos, teaching them practical skills in first aid to a victim with electric shock. Tests and themed games were held to consolidate the knowledge.

"Conducting electrical safety lessons in schools is a top priority both for specialists of the safety service, and for heads of structural subdivisions. Strengthening efforts to prevent children’s electric injuries before the school holidays, we once again remind the children of the need to know the rules of electrical safety and follow them anytime, anywhere - at home, at school, at a party, in the street," commented the head of the safety service of the branch Alexey Gusev.

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