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Kurskenergo determined the best crews of units of electricity metering and optimization of losses


Competitions of professional skills among specialists of units of electricity metering and optimization of losses passed at the training centre of IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division. Teams of all 30 Distribution Zones of the branch competed for five days for the title of the best.

The crews demonstrated knowledge of applicable rules, regulations and procedures and their ability to provide first aid to a victim performing CPR. During practical steps they performed an instrumental test of a three-phase electricity meter on an operating test bench, replacement of a single-phase electricity meter, obviously defective or found unfit.

The judging commission assessed the quality of tasks performed, equipment of the crews with working clothes, protective equipment, instruments, tools and documentation, as well as the ability to correctly and competently to report on their actions during the work.

According to the results of the competitions showed the best result was demonstrated by the crew from Lgovsky Distribution Zone that scored 599.1 points. The second place with a score of 592.7 points went to the crew from Ponyrovsky Distribution Zone. The third went to the crew from Khomutovsky Distribution Zone with 588.1 points. The prize winners and the winners of the competitions will have corresponding extra payment for professional skills to the basic salary.

In addition to the best crews the winners were also determined in individual professional categories. A master of the unit of electricity metering and optimization of losses from Rilsky Distribution Zone Igor Marchenko was recognized as "Best work performer". In the category "Best electrician operating electricity meters of the unit of electricity metering and optimization of losses" the winner was an electrician from Oboyansky Distribution Zone Evgeny Velikotsky.

Representatives of the award-winning crews will enter the team of the branch that will take part in the competitions of professional skill of IDGC of Centre.

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