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For 9 months of 2016 Smolenskenergo spent 2.3 million rubles on the environmentally safe production


For 9 months of 2016 the Smolensk branch spent more than 2.3 million rubles on implementation of measures of the environmental policy of IDGC of Centre. The main tasks in the implementation of environmental programs of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division for this period were: organization of the primary inventory of waste production; organizing the timely delivery of waste disposal generated during repair, maintenance and reconstruction of power grids; greater control over the conditions of temporary storage of used mercury lamps, container marking control for the accumulation of waste of hazard classes I - IV; bringing the places of soil contamination into compliance; performance of environmental inspections in structural units.

The funds planned for environmental activities on the most important events were spent as follows: 762 thousand rubles on receipt and treatment of waste water, 622 thousand rubles on delivery of municipal solid waste, 350 thousand rubles on development of draft standards for waste and limits on their storage, 61 thousand rubles on development of maximum allowable emission targets.

In addition, the branch held the event to protect wildlife – 388 bird scaring devices were installed.

Also, for 9 months of 2016, work was undertaken to develop sites for waste storage, repair of oil-receiving devices of transformers, repair of oil circuit breakers.

In order to increase qualification of staff in the field of environmental protection 42 employees of Smolenskenergo were trained on the theme "Management of Hazardous Waste". Upon completion of the training they were given a permit to handle hazardous waste.

IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division carries out the activity according to the current draft standards for maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and draft standards for waste and limits on their storage. Increasing the level of environmental safety allows to make environmentally proper management decisions and to continuously improve the environmental situation in the territory of structural units of the branch.

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