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Taking care of employees’ health - a priority of the social policy of "Lipetskenergo"


IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division became a member of the federal project "Healthy country". As part of its implementation the branch’s staff attended a series of lectures on prevention of cardio - vascular diseases, in which received appropriate practical recommendations. The held events became another confirmation of the fact that taking care of employees’ health is a priority of the social policy of "Lipetskenergo".

The initiator of the project was "Arguments and Facts" Publishing House with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Its goal is with the help of reputable doctors to explain to people how important to have a healthy lifestyle and regular medical examination and prevent cardio - vascular and other chronic diseases.

"It is important to make everyone understand the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and regular care of their health in our country. It should be clear to everyone that preventing a disease or its complications is much easier than treating a particular disease," commented the head of the Health Centre State Healthcare Institution "Lipetsk city polyclinic № 2" Vera N. Fadina.

Social policy issues have always been a priority in the activities of "Lipetskenergo". IDGC of Centre’s management and its subsidiaries pays special attention to health issues of employees, offering them a full benefits package, which includes voluntary medical insurance, resort and spa treatment, annual periodic medical check-ups, vaccination of staff against influenza, daily pre-trip and after-trip examinations of drivers and other privileges and guarantees.

Regular monitoring of workers’ health leads to reduction of the incidence of diseases, prevention of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases and decreasing the risk of occupational diseases.

"Our employees are the core value of the Company. The reliability of power supply of the entire region depends on them, so we cherish them, and pay great attention to the preservation of their health," stressed the head of the HR management office of "Lipetskenergo" Katerina Mushnikova.

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