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Kurskenergo held a competition of children’s amateur art "Light rays"


IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division held the XI annual review-contest children’s amateur art "Light rays". It was attended by about a hundred children of employees of the branch.

The topic of the review program reflected the time of the holding - "Autumn gatherings during Holy Protection". This day has long been in Russia in mid-October associated with the onset of winter. Contestants submitted creative performances and works in eight categories: "Pop dance", "Folk dance", "Pop song", "Folk song", "Declamation", "Playing a musical instrument", "Original genre", "Decorative applied arts". Collective and individual performances in the junior (under 10 years) and senior (up to 16 years) age categories were evaluated by a professional jury consisting of culture workers of the Kursk region.

Dance performances charged spectators with a lot of positive emotions. Diplomas of the first degree were received by children’s teams of the Southern and Northern sections of the branch, who performed on stage "Quadrille" and "Cossack dance". A storm of applause was also caused by an oriental dance "Butterfly" by Daria Zubkova, a daughter of the head of the logistics department Vladimir Zubkov (senior age group) and "Tatar dance" by Arina Devyanina, a daughter of a specialist of category 1 of the customer relations department Oksana Devyanina (junior age group). Both the contestants were awarded diplomas of the first degree.

With bated breath, the present in the hall listened to the song "Over the River" sung by Alexander Bystriakov, a son of an electrician operating electricity meters of the department of electricity metering and optimization of losses from Fatezhsky Distribution Zone Alexander Bystriakov, who was the winner in the nomination "Folk song". Cries of "Bravo!" of the audience were received by a hit of Boney M. "Sunny" by Elizaveta Dolzhikova, the winner in the nomination "Pop song", a granddaughter of a leading specialist of the department of metrology and quality of electricity Vladimir Shulepov.

In the nomination "Playing a musical instrument" in the senior age category the winner was Natalia Krivonosova, a daughter of an electrician of a first responding mobile crew from Oboyansky Distribution Zone Vladimir Krivonosov, who played on the piano a Rachmaninoff classic "Prelude in G-sharp minor". In the category of up to 10 years of age with a piano composition the winner was Yulia Vasilyeva, a daughter of a specialist of category 1 of the administrative office Alexander Vasilyev.

Margarita Taratina, a daughter of the head of the department of development and issuance of technical specifications Alexander Taratin, was the best in the nomination "Original genre". In the creative tandem with the father, who accompanied her on the guitar, the girl sang "Children’s aeronautic song".

And participants in the nomination "Declamation" pleased the audience with memorable, emotional performances. Among the older participants the first degree diploma was awarded Valentina Gorodetskaya, a daughter of Emma Gorodetskaya, an electrician operating electricity meters of the department of electricity metering and optimization of losses from Schigrovsky Distribution Zone, and in the younger age group - Polina Kosinova, a daughter of Oksana Kosinova, an economist of category 2 of the financial department.

The highest award of the contest, the Grand Prix was given to the children’s team of the Eastern section of the branch for the folk dance "Good mood".

In addition, the jury distinguished with diplomas all the works presented in the nomination "Arts and crafts".

The jury highly appreciated the creative abilities of children of power engineers. "I am pleasantly surprised by the level of skills of the participants, the delight with which the children go onto the stage, how sincerely they shout for their friends. I think that the contest has good prospects," said Chair of the jury, a teacher of theater disciplines of Children’s Art School №1 named after Sviridov Anastasia Merkulova.

"Light rays" is a celebration of creativity of young talents, which gives children the opportunity to show their abilities and their parents to enjoy the success of their children. Moreover, such events bring together power engineers, help feel a close-knit family. In the future the tradition of the annual children’s review-contest of amateur art will be continued," promised Director of "Kurskenergo" Alexander Rudnevsky.

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