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Belgorod power engineers reminded the police about the rules of electrical safety


Specialists of IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division held another seminar on the prevention of electric injuries at power facilities. At this time the audience was district police officer and juvenile inspectors of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Stary Oskol. The event was held at the repair and production base of Stary Oskolsky Distribution Zone.

Employees of law enforcement bodies were demonstrated the variety of existing power facilities, familiarized with the statistics and the nature of the most typical cases of electric injuries with fatal and serious consequences for health, recorded in a number of regions of the country. The cause of death of people is most likely to be ignorance, carelessness or greed.

Socially unreliable categories of people, difficult teenagers, fishermen, drivers of cranes, dump trucks, large agricultural machinery are at risk. All of them under certain circumstances may be affected by electrical current and replenish the sad statistics.

To avoid this, we must remember the priority rules of safe behaviour near power facilities, and know what to do if you have still encountered with the danger face to face. So, out of the "step voltage" zone you must go only with "goose-stepping", not taking your foot off the ground, consistently putting the heel of one foot to the other toe. Drivers of heavy machinery, who has suddenly appeared in the area of ​​electric shock, in any case, should not leave the salon - gently drive away from the power line and immediately contact an energy company for its de-energization.

Children need to be reminded regularly of the right choice of places for games - away from power lines and substations. Special signs warn about the danger: "Stop! High Voltage", "Danger! Keep out!", "Warning! High Voltage!". Ignoring them is life-threatening. It is necessary to tell the younger generation what can breaking in the premises of a power facility, selfi, launching in the buffer zone kites and radio-controlled toys, and other mischiefs lead to.

"Only in the second quarter of 2016 at electric grid facilities of the country four children suffered from electric shock," stressed a leading engineer of the industrial safety and production control office of Belgorodenergo Sergey Banchenko. "With regard to our region, over the past few years the number of cases of injury is significantly reduced, so we will continue holding these sessions in the future, covering different groups of the population."

Acting Head of the Department of Juvenile Affairs of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Stary Oskol Inna Tsygankova underlined that this knowledge will definitely find use in their daily work: "In practice, we make common cause - to protect children from danger. At teacher-parent meetings, in interviews with adolescents, we will be sure to warn them of their trouble lurking in wait." The practice of holding seminars on electrical safety for the police will continue.

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