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Students of Kostroma Power Engineering College got acquainted with the work of Kostromaenergo


Students of the Kostroma Power Engineering College named after F.V. Chizhov (KPEC) had an excursion to IDGC of Centre – Kostromaenergo division. The event was organized within the nationwide campaign "Week without turnstiles", which aims to popularize engineering and working trades and professions among students and the youth. About 50 students of the specialty "Electric stations, grids and systems" learned the business of the enterprise.

The tour began with a visit to the Museum of Kostromaenergo, where the students were told about the history of the Kostroma power system, the structure of IDGC of Centre, and a place that the Kostroma branch takes it it. When seeing the museum exposition, the young people had particular interest in the working layout of the substation 110 kV "Davydovskaya". The reduced 200 times copy of the power facility, commissioned in 2009, was made and given to it as a gift of their predecessors - the college graduates of previous years.

The students talked with young professionals working at the enterprise - Mikhail Romanov, who is also a graduate of KPEC, and Andrey Mozokhin. Mikhail graduated from college in 2012, now he works as an engineer of the Grid Control Centre (GCC) and learns in absentia at the Ivanovo Power Engineering University. Andrey Mozokhin, a graduate of the Kostroma State Technological University, working at the service of operation of control and technological management and IT technology of Kostromaenergo, defended his thesis and became a candidate of technical sciences. The young engineers told the students about the structure and work of their departments, answered their questions.

At the conclusion of the tour the young people visited the dispatch centre, where they saw how widely and successfully modern IT-technology and telemetry systems are used in the management of grids in the Kostroma region.

The students thanked the staff of Kostromaenergo for the excursion. According to them, they first visited the company where, perhaps, one of them will work after the college graduation. "Impressions from visiting Kostromaenergo are very bright," shared a freshman Dmitry Lebedev. "I have more firmly determined that I have properly chosen my profession. It is impossible to imagine the outside world without electricity and the power industry is a business that is worth devoting my life to."

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