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"Lipetskenergo" improves energy efficiency


Through the implementation of measures aimed at further improving the efficiency, for eight months of the current year IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division saved more than 80 million rubles. This was expressed in reducing the technological consumption for transmission of electric energy through the grids by 40.9 million kWh.

The savings were made possible thanks to the implementation of a range of activities, including the optimization of power modes; modernization of the electric grid equipment and retrofitting of the technical and commercial metering of electric power.

In particular, power engineers switched off transformers in low load conditions at substations with two transformers and substations with seasonal load, levelled phase loads in the distribution networks of 0.4 kV, performed replacement of overloaded transformers, as well as wires for a larger section on overloaded power lines and taps to residential homes using self-supported insulated ones.

A special place among the organizational activities is still given to regular work on the prevention and detection of electricity theft. From January through August the company’s specialists returned to productive supply more than 25 million kWh of electricity, or more than 75 million rubles in monetary terms.

In addition, taking an active role in energy efficiency matters, "Lipetskenergo" participated in various thematic events, both regional and international levels. One of the latest is the All-Russian Festival of Energy Saving #VmesteYarche, the regional phase of which was held in Lipetsk 10 September. The aim of the event was to popularize the culture of economical use of energy resources among the population.

All these measures are implemented in accordance with the Federal Law "On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency ..." and the adopted in the region long-term target program "Energy saving and energy efficiency", aimed at saving and rational use of energy resources.

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