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Belgorodenergo held the first competitions of crews of electricity metering and optimization of losses units


The winner of the first in IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division professional skills competitions among crews of electricians of electricity metering and optimization of losses units was the team of Gubkinsky Distribution Zone that scored 739 points. The second step of the podium was the crew Stary Oskolsky Distribution Zone that scored 688 points. The crew of Belgorodsky Distribution Zone with a score of 681 points was the third.

Competitions of professional skills in the branch are held regularly, but for this category of staff - this is the first experience of showing off their skills and team interaction at the training centre. According to Deputy Director for Sale and Development of Services of the branch Maxim Shumakov, such attention to the work of electricians for electricity metering is linked to the need to actively counter the theft of electricity as an effective tool in reducing losses and ensuring the stable operation of electric grid facilities. "However, it is equally important to raise the level of knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety. That is why the program includes the steps of providing first aid to the victim with electric shock and firefighting," he stressed.

For two days the teams were to go through five phases, reflecting the main content of the daily work of the departments of electric power metering and optimization of losses. Apart from the above two steps, they were required to pass their theoretical knowledge of existing rules, regulations and standards on the computer, carry out the instrumental test of a three phase meter with direct connection and replacement of a single phase one acknowledged unsuitable. The quality and efficiency of the tasks, the correct action algorithm were evaluated by the judge commission under the authority of Chief Engineer of the branch Sergey Reshetnikov, engineers of electricity metering, production safety and production control and distribution grids were the judges.

As a result, with a maximum of 778 points practically all participants scored over 600, showing a good level of knowledge and practical skills in conducting replacement and instrument check of meters. There were, of course, slips and mistakes. According to the head of the electricity metering office of Belgorodenergo Elena Lykova, all of them will be analyzed and carefully worked out with staff of Distribution Zones at the next Safety Day, which, of course, will raise the overall level of training of personnel of the electricity metering and optimization of losses departments.

According to the leader of the winning team of Gubkinsky Distribution Zone, the head of the electricity metering and optimization of losses department Alexander Sotnikov, the first competitive practice will not pass in vain. "Now we know our strengths and weaknesses, understand what we should pay attention to in order to be even more confident at the stages. The program was nothing new for us - all of this, except for the fire and rescue the victim, we do almost every day, and yet because of the excitement the boys had shortcomings, lost precious points. But on the whole we are satisfied with the result."

This year competitions of crews of electricity metering and optimization of losses departments will be held in all regions of IDGC of Centre and then the best crews will defend the honour of their branches at the interregional level.

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