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Bryanskenergo continues work on collecting receivables


IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division continues work on collecting receivables. One of its most important components is claim-related activities.

For nine months of 2016 Bryanskenergo sent to various courts 118 claims for the recovery of debts for the provision of the main and value-added services worth a total of 69.667 million rubles, and 227 claims in the amount of 91.887 million rubles for the recovery of debts for electricity sold to consumers during the implementation by the branch of functions of a supplier of last resort. In the same period, courts satisfied 64 lawsuits for debt collection for the provision of the main and value-added services, filed both in the current year, and earlier in the amount of 22.331 million rubles, and 149 claims on debt collection for electricity in the amount of 48.018 million rubles.

As of 1 October 2016 in the courts of various instances there are 174 petitions under consideration, initiated by Bryanskenergo, in the amount of 92.643 million rubles, including 81 claims to recover the debt for electricity in the amount of 46.767 million rubles, sold to consumers by the branch during the implementation of the functions of the supplier of last resort. 527 writs of execution totalling 647.987 million rubles are being levied by the bailiff service, banks and the Federal Treasury bodies.

Defaulters’ actions jeopardize the reliability of electricity supply to consumers of the Bryansk region, as funds, received by Bryanskenergo for the provision of electricity transmission services, are used, inter alia, to perform repair and investment programs. Therefore, the branch intends to continue using all legal measures to collect funds from debtors.

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