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Tverenergo supported the holding of the All-Russian Festival of Energy Saving #VmesteYarche in Tver


3 September the City Garden of Tver hosted the First All-Russian Festival of Energy Saving #VmesteYarche. Sites of the largest companies in the fuel and energy sector of the Tver region worked for residents and guests of the regional centre throughout the day. IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division contributed to the organization of the significant event.

Tverenergo’s employees were preparing to hold #VmesteYarche for more than a month. Together with the Tver Regional Administration they addressed common questions about the organization of the festival, and made their own program to participate in the event. Just a few days prior to the energy saving event the famous Tver street art artist Victor Joker painted a unique sketch on a theme of energy conservation on the 35/10 Substation Kaposhvar in Tver.

In addition, within the framework of the festival, the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre held an open doors day for the third year students of the Tver State Technical University of the Department "Electricity Supply and Electrical Engineering". During the visit of Tverenergo, the young people learned about the advanced technologies that are being implemented at the power grid enterprise, visited with a guided tour the region’s most modern Grid Control Centre and also saw the 110 kV Substation "Lebedevo".

At the festival itself in the City Garden Tverenergo waited for all: both children and their parents. Experts of the electric grid company deployed a real museum of the Tver power system in the open air (which, by the way, this year celebrates the 80th anniversary), presented new off-road vehicles, arranged the photo zone, so that everyone could feel to be an electrician. In addition, the power engineers offered everyone to play a tactical game "Smart House", designed by the organizers of #VmesteYarche and paint the planet Earth with bright colours. Maria Mayakova, an engineer of the Tver production base, held an interesting thematic lesson on energy saving, made on its own developments, and Yulia Goncharova, a leading safety specialist of the branch, showed the children the rules of first aid with an example of the dummy-simulator Gosha. The Tverenergo site work finished with summarizing the drawing contest on the theme of energy saving.

"IDGC of Centre and its branch in the Tver region - "Tverenergo" - actively supports the promotion and implementation of energy-saving technologies. It produces a large amount of printed materials aimed at promoting energy-efficient lifestyle and distributes them among schoolchildren and preschoolers. On an ongoing basis specialists of the branch conduct lessons on energy saving, trying to explain to children and adults that the effective use of energy resources not only promotes significant cost savings, but also helps extend the life of household appliances," stressed Alexey Smorodin, the head of the energy saving and energy efficiency office.

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