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Kurskenergo’s specialists held a class on prevention of electric injuries in the children’s camp named after V. Tereshkova


Experts from the public relations department of IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division held a visiting session on prevention of electric injuries in the children’s camp named after V. Tereshkova for schoolchildren of grades 1-2. The event was held in the format of a theme lesson-competition, which was called "I choose safety!".

Fairy-tale characters - Kid and Carlson held the lesson, whose role was played by Mikhail Gorbachev, the son of the 1st category specialist of the customer relations department of Kurskenergo Lyudmila Gorbacheva, and Konstantin Zolotavin, an electrician for operation of distribution networks of Zheleznogorsky Distribution Zone. The lesson-competition consisted of six stages: "Warming up", "Broken wire", "Electrical safety in a thunderstorm", "Fire under a power line", "Kite", "Assistance to a victim with electric shock" and was held on an improvised platform where organizers put models of electrical equipment. In the first stage, divided into three teams - "Small volts", "Small ohms", "Small amperes" - the participants answered questions on the rules of electrical safety. Next, the schoolchildren competed for the best knowledge of the rules of behaviour near power facilities. At the final competitive stage the power engineers showed the children how to provide first aid to a victim with electric shock, then giving them the opportunity to do so with a special simulator "Gosha". For the first time, in practice, working out skills to provide first aid, the lesson participants felt real rescuers.

According to the results of the competition the team "Small amperes", showing the best result, won the first place. The second went to the team "Small ohms", the third - "Small volts". All the participants received medals and diplomas of winners, sweet prizes and gifts to remember.

Teachers and counselors of the camp thanked the power engineers for the class and expressed readiness for further cooperation. "Events to help save the life and health of children are very important, especially during the school holidays, when they are unsupervised," stresses General Director of the children’s camp named after V. Tereshkova Andrey Loboda. "The lesson, organized by the specialists of Kurskenergo, was not only informative, but also interesting. Moreover, children perceive information in the best way when obtained from experts."

Electrical safety lessons are part of a larger information campaign carried out by Kurskenergo in the framework of the adopted in IDGC of Centre «Electric Injuries Prevention Program". In total, during the summer holidays specialists of the branch held in summer camps of the Kursk region 30 electrical safety lessons, which were attended by more than 1,000 children.

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